Thermoscan (Infrared Imaging)

The Get Well Center offers thermal imaging that is FDA approved for Pathology of the female breast, extra-cranial vessel disease, peripheral vascular disease and Musculoskeletal injury. It can be used for early dictation for breast cancer or any inflammation or circulation problems. The thermal imaging is an excellent diagnostic test for soft tissue injury which MRI or CT scan cannot prove. Anyone who has an automobile accident to prove soft tissue injury, this is the solution.

What is infrared imaging?

Infrared imaging is a non-contact, non-invasive procedure for visualizing the body’s physiological response – and there are no risks or side effects. Thermal patterns are displayed on the skin and detected by the infrared sensor of the camera. Interpreted as temperature data it is transmitted to the computer where all images are stored as pictures. All information is correlated to the client’s main area of complaint or symptoms. By detecting thermal asymmetry thermal imaging offers the physician an added dimension to the diagnostic picture, detecting neurological and vascular information not available on x-ray.

What types of evaluations are done with infrared imaging?

Infrared imaging is the test of choice for monitoring breast health and changes associated with breast disease. They detect thermal indicators as they relate to infection, inflammation or fibrocystic disease, and determine thermal indications of angiogenic significance that would require further evaluation.

Infrared imaging is the test of choice for undetermined pain disorders such as:

  • Muscular skeletal disorders
  • Impaired peripheral circulation
  • Neuropathies